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Established as Takamatsu Higher Commercial School in December, 1923.
First student enrollment started in April, 1924.
Higher Specializations introduced in 1928.
Renamed Takamatsu Specialzed School of Economics in 1944.
Status raised to Kagawa University in 1949.
Department of Economics in the Faculty of Economics established in 1949.
Institute of Economic Research also established simultaneously in 1949.
A second department, Department of Business Administration established in 1965.
A third department, Department of Information Science established in 1971.
A Law course, later leading to the Faculty, introduced in the Department of Economics in 1976.
The Graduate School of Economics established in 1979.
A fourth department, Department of Regional and Social Systems established in 1995.
The Faculty reorganized into 3 departments: Economics, Business Administration and Regional and Social Systems in 1998.
A second specialization on Enterpise and Business, later leading to a Business School,introduced in the Graduate School of Economics in 2000.
The Graduate School of Economics reorganized into a compact specialization of Economics in 2004.