Prof. Susanne Femers in Shodoshima

Rheinbach, September 1. 2002

Visiting Shodoshima Island

Dear Prof. lhara,

now we are back in Germany I'll take the opportunity to write down a few of the impressions we had on our trip to Shodoshima. lt was a well organized trip with lots of suprise and pleasure for us. The lsland is really beautiful and presents wonderful views on the lnland Sea. The two viewpoints you showed us were really marvellous. Besides this we were very deeply impressed by the kindness you, your collegues and friends showed to us. lt was so nice to join us in playing hookey that aftermoon. The spots we met were really interesting. The soy fabric looked even as liveley as many years ago and one could nearly see people doing their work with this original equipment. But for my personal viewpoint there was something I'll never forget. "24 eyes" touched me deeply. Those photographs of the teacher and these wonderful kids with her were so pretty that l was eager to learn more about their story, their lives and their luck.

By walking around though this rural oldfashioned nice little school everything become so lively that one just was waiting to see these kids entering the house by the school bell's ringing. It's a pitty that there was no chance to see the film or even buy some posters or postcard of these outstanding peace group of little pupils. Perhaps this could be a reasonable marketing step for this village in the future. I'm sure you'll could catch the heart of many tourists Japanese as well as from abroad by giving them insight in these children's story.

At last let me say "Thank you" again for all your kindness, engagement and for joining us. "Arigato" and "Sayonara" and greetings also to your wife and the collegues! "O-genki de" and "-daiji ni"!

Your's sincerely.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Femers