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Electronic Business affects the way lines of business and every functional group are run within an enterprise. The Internet has emerged as one of the most significant forces to affect marketing since the emergence of mass media. This course provides an overview of both the strategic and the technical essentials of what managers need to know in order to manage and lead an eBusiness initiative with a focus on developing effective global marketing strategies using the web as a medium.


1.Technical and organizational foundations

1.Foundations of Online Marketing
Online marketing as a Part of the Value Chain
Internet, Medium and Tool, Online Marketing Mix, Interaction, Strategy

2.Online Customer Relationship Management
Promotion, Direct Marketing, One-to-One Marketing, Mobile Marketing

3. Electronic Commerce
Foundations, Strategy, Virtual Channel Management

4. Online Service
Communication, Selt-Service, Pre- / After Sales, Customer Feed-Back

5. Virtual Cooperations
Portal, Marketplace, Shopping-Mall, Networks

6. Online Marketing Research
Secondary Research, Surveys

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