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Division of Economics


Fields Courses Lecturers Credits
Theoretical Economics Advanced Microeconomics Amaya 2
Advanced Macroeconomics Mochida 2
Advanced Marxian Political Economy Oki 2
Topics in Mathematical Economics Ranade 2
Topics in Market Equilibrium Theory Hoshino 2
Economic History Topics in General Economic History Yamamoto 2
Economic Policy Topics in Economic Policy Okada 2
Public Finance Topics in Local Government Finance Nagayama 2
Monetary Economics Topics in Monetary Economics Fujihara 2
Topics in Monetary Policy Umino 2
Statistics Topics in Statistics Yao 2
Topics in Econometrics Hisamatsu 2
Topics in Analysis of Economic Models Yokoyama 2
Social Policy Topics in Labor Economics Sato 2
Topics in Welfare Economy Kato 2
Business Administration Topics in Business Administration Xiang 2
Topics in Business History Zhang 2
Topics in Strategic Management Shionoya 2
Topics in Organizational Theory Matsuoka 2
Topics in History of Business Administration Yamaguchi 2
Commercial Science Advanced Theory of Insurance Yasui 2
Topics in Marketing Fujimura 2
Topics in Global Marketing Cho 2
Topics in Environment-Oriented Commodity Science Furukawa 2
Topics in Distribution Watanabe 2
Topics in Regional Revitalization Hara 2
Accounting Principles of Accounting Shigemoto 2
Topics in Financial Accounting E. Park 2
Topics in Accounting for Financial Business Shigemoto 2
Topics in Auditing Inoue 2
Advanced Management Accounting K. Park 2
Advanced Cost Accounting Miyawaki 2
Society and Culture Topics in Asian Society Miyajima 2
International Migration Studies Sonobe 2
Taiwanese and their Culture A.Takahashi 2
Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology Ogata 2
Urban and Regional Planning Nishinari 2
Topics in Tourism Research Yamazaki 2
Topics in Anthropology of Tourism Futatsuyama 2
Advanced Human Geography K.Takahashi 2
Topics in International Communication Mizuno 2
Research Ethics Umino 1
Study of Foreign Books Mochida 2

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