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The Faculty of Economics has its origin in Takamatsu Higher School of Commerce which was established in 1923.
Currently the Faculty has three departments. They are:


The three departments provide a total of 8 areas of specialization.
The Department of Economics offers

  • Economic Theory
  • Economic Policy and Institution
  • Statistics and Information

The Department of Business Administration offers

  • Business and Society
  • Organization and Strategy
  • Accounting

The Department of Regional and Social Systems offers

  • Society and Cultures of the World
  • Tourism

Our students can take a variety of classes from the chosen major area as well as other subjects. Introductory classes are offered for freshmen and sophomores while specialized classes and mandatory seminars are provided for juniors and seniors.
In addition, some classes offered by foreign instructors and also by the Faculty of Law are open to students who are interested. A limited number of classes from other faculties can also be availed by the students. The students aspiring to acquire a teacher's credentials are provided the required classes.

The students who fullfil all the requirements for the degree are awarded a B.A. in Economics.In exceptional cases bright students can graduate in 3 years. Those interested in further studies are invited to apply to our Graduate School of Economics which offers a program leading to an M.A in Economics.

The Faculty has the Institute of Economic Research attached, which publishes the Kagawa University Economic Review and offers various services to faculty members and students for their research work.

The Faculty also provides a night school B.A. program for working students. The area of specialization is General Economics. It may be noted here that the non-Japanese nationals require stringent conditions of status of residence to enroll in the night school program.