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A Message from Dean

As many are aware, our faculty has a long history. We celebrate our 90th anniversary 4 years ago. Our faculty is the only Faculty of Economics among the national schools in the Shikoku region. And we have been well up to the task.
The Faculty's appeal lies in the following, among other things. We have a solid tradition behind us. 25,000 of our alumni have been contributing to the society in the local region as well as all over Japan and abroad. Apart from the obvious academics they have been helping out the younger generation choosing their way of life. Here we have small sized classes. Our specialty is seminar courses for every teacher. In this IT age, our students are expected to be Information-Literate and the classes towards that are most popular among the newly enrolled students. Last but the least, we have a history of employing able faculty members without any concern about their nationality. There are currently 8 non-Japanese on the faculty. We also have sister-institution relationships with 8 universities from 4 different countries. Academic exchanges with them and other universities are going on at the student and faculty level.

We would like able high school students and others to join us.
You are more than welcome.

Shinobu SATO
The Dean,
Faculty of Economics

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