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Academic Programs

Currently we do not have Ph.D. program. Those interested in that can think of our Master Program as a preparation for getting admitted to a university of own choice later. We have a 2-year Master program. We admit 10 students every year. Some of the students are people who are working. They have more flexibility for obvious reasons. The thrust of our program is on the dissertation that follows coursework. The lectures are very small and sometimes one to one. Those who are serious about studying socio-economic issues are welcome to the program.

The program incorporates disciplines of economics, business, humanities, and linguistics, thus making it possible to produce high quality graduates. As a result they are capable of proceeding towards Ph.D. elsewhere.

Our admission policy is to admit students who want a career related to economics at the international level, those who want to become public servants, those who want to take up leadership in the world of business and society in general, those who are interested in the recurrent education and those who want to be capable of proceeding towards a Ph.D. degree. People interested in career advancement are welcome.

Information on Academic Supervisors, their Research and Contact Details.

Admission Procedures for Master Program

The Graduate School conducts admission tests 3 times a year. In July the test is held for those who want to be admitted on the basis of an academic recommendation. In September the test for general applicants and working people is held. This is repeated in January.

A Guidance Meeting is held in June for potential applicants to the Graduate school. You may want to look at the Japanese homepage to get more details like FAQs etc.

Examination Dates for Master Program

The dates for the 3 tests this year were 4th of July, 21st September and 23rd January. Next year they are likely to be on a similar schedule. If you want to have more information, you may contact the Graduate School Office, Faculty of Economics, Saiwai Cho, 2-1, Takamatsu City, Kagawa 760-8523. The telephone number is 087-832-1813.

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