Educational Features

Graduate School of EconomicsEducational Features

Educational Features

To Produce Able Graduates of High Caliber and Creative Minds

An understanding of different fields and an interdisciplinary approach is essential for solving deep and difficult problems around us. The basic aspects of economics are complemented by the basics of business related, humanities related, and linguistics related issues that form an organic whole in our Graduate School and it allows for a new and powerful framework for analysis. We strive to use this philosophy to produce high quality graduates. In particular the Graduate School aspires to produce highly trained able specialists who work in the local government and business community, individuals who ably contribute to the region and society, graduates those who want to proceed towards a doctorate, and those who finish lifelong learning and recurrent education with appropriate knowledge of wide range.

Special Educational Features

  1. The Graduate School boasts able personnel who mainly do research on economics/management/business administration along with fields of information sciences, regional and social sciences and linguistics among others and cover a wide range of possibilities for getting the graduate level training.
  2. The Graduate School offers the regular program and the flexible program. The Regular Program is more suitable for those wish to acquire advanced academic skills and pursue academic specialty, while the flexible program is more suitable for working people who wish to study practical issues which they have found in real social life.
  3. The lectures for the regular program are held during the day and those for the flexible program are held in the evening to allow for students in both the streams to study well.
  4. The tuition is based on a dissertation advisor system and allows the students to get personal attention and advice required in their own chosen field. The emphasis is on being able to write a good M.A. dissertation.

The Admission Policy

The Graduate School looks for students who have deep interest in social sciences. The students are expected to be able to master different aspects of the economic sciences and acquire analytical capability. In particular the prospective students are expected to be the following. 1. Those who want to participate in the economic and business community - even at the international level and those who want to contribute in the public sector such as the local governments. 2. Those who aspire to be leaders in the businesses or local/global community. 3. Those who are interested in lifelong learning and 4. Those who are interested in pursuing an academic career leading towards a Ph. D.